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Getting started with Symfony 4: View and Twig

March 3, 2019
Symfony View and Twig

As already discussed, learning Symfony is to learn installing and using powerful tools. I have introduced you to one of such tools, called Twig. In this article, I will cover more about twig and benefits of using such template engine. Unless you are building an API, twig will help you to deal with templates a lot easier.

Twig is a modern template engine for PHP

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Getting started with Symfony 4: Response and View

February 27, 2019
Symfony Response and Twig

In the previous article, I have already covered what Route and a Controller is, and how to use them inside Symfony.

As I already explained, the Controller is a function we write to handle request that comes into a Symfony and return a response. As a response you can render a template or even turn objects into JSON for an API.

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Getting started with Symfony 4: Structure

December 7, 2018
Framework Structure

Every framework has its own directory structure. Some of them may be similar to other ones. For example, Laravel looks similar to Symfony, since it’s based on Symfony framework, but on the other hand, CodeIgniter does not look similar to any of the two I mention above.

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Getting started with Symfony 4: Introduction

December 2, 2018
learning symfony

Frameworks are a powerful tool for quickly building web applications. Learning how to use frameworks will help you to build your projects better and faster. One of the most popular PHP frameworks is called Symfony, which is known to be the hardest to learn from all others PHP frameworks.

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